Vickers Bicycle Company


A New Breed of British Bicycle

Vickers Bicycle Company is a boutique British bicycle brand – hand-making an exclusive range of lightweight, steel-framed, city bikes in Great Britain.

Born out of a passion for the beauty of the bicycle and the traditions of its builders, Vickers Bicycle Company was established  2012 with a simple concept – to create a stylish city bike that could be ridden whilst wearing a jacket.

Our starting point was an icon of Britain’s cycling heritage – the English roadster bicycle. But much has changed since the roadster was king of the roads, so while the classic elegance and style remain, we’ve brought them into the 21st century with a thoughtful use of modern materials and components.

The result is a perfect blend of contemporary quality and heritage design.

Bicycles that are simple, elegant and endlessly stylish.

Bicycles to which the discerning city gent can aspire.

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