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Handmade In Great Britain

Handmade in Great Britain

We’re incredibly proud of our British roots. It was British hands, not far from where our Bicycles are made today, that shaped the modern bicycle and it was British workshops that produced the world’s finest bicycles.

This heritage and these ideals underpin each Vickers Bicycle Company bike.

We Really Mean “Made by Hand”

Our bicycles are lavished with the care and attention that is only ever afforded to handmade items – when we say “Made by Hand”, we really mean it.

On each & every bike the stainless steel lugs are hand polished – twice. Steel tubes are hand cut and brazed. Frames are hand painted. Wheels are hand built before it’s all hand assembled.

Finally the finished article is hand delivered and adjusted.


We choose to work closely with British craftsmen and suppliers wherever possible. This approach ensures the high quality of all our work as well as allowing us to offer our Personalisation Service to create your dream custom made city bike.

British bike builders have long been regarded as the finest in the World which is why our frames are handmade by Lee Cooper, one of the UK’s most respected frame builders. We exclusively use steel tubing from Birmingham’s Reynolds Technology – including their cutting-edge 953 stainless steel. We also work with British wheel builders, painters and specify components from the likes of Brooks England, Royce UK and Hope Technology.

Where British made parts and accessories of the required quality cannot be found, we source the finest components from around the globe. This includes handmade stems, handlebars and seatpins from Japan. Handmade tyres and dynamo lighting from Germany. Rims from Italy and spokes from Belgium.

But at the heart remains a very British bicycle that proudly bears the inscription “Handmade in Great Britain“.

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