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As well as our two “off the peg” bicycles – the Roadster & the Town – we also offer a Personalisation Service which gives you the chance to create your very own dream city bike.

Our custom bikes bridge the gap between the artisanal bespoke bicycle builder and the mainstream manufacturers. We’ve done the critical thinking bringing together the key elements, creating a template for a great city - which you can then tailor to your own unique requirements.

No Detail Too Small

Attention to detail is the hallmark of a Vickers Bicycle custom build. Working closely with you, we’ll guide you through the world of possibilities – from headsets to handlebars, from cranksets to colours and from saddles to spokes. This collaborative approach brings to life your vision of bicycling perfection while ensuring a balanced, cohesive and beautiful design that’s fit for purpose.

Handmade Perfection

Once your unique specification has been finalised, your bicycle is handmade in our Coventry workshop. Here we lavish the kind of attention that is only ever afforded to handmade items. And when we say “handmade” we mean “handmade” - lugs are hand polished, frames are handmade & hand painted, wheels are hand built. The component parts are then hand assembled before your finished bike is hand delivered.

Every cut, weld & brush-stroke is carefully inspected to maintain the highest quality throughout. With the result being a bike as perfect for as it is for life in the city.

Simple. Elegant. Endlessly Stylish.

Find Out More

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