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Reynolds 631 City Bike

Reynolds 631: Lightweight, Strong & Smooth

It may be the baby of our range but the Roadster S retains the great looks, easy-rinding style and luxurious feel of it’s bigger brothers, the Roadster L and the Roadster SL.

At the heart of this elegant city bike is a made-to-measure Reynolds 631/525 steel frame that, like those of all of our bicycles, is handmade in Great Britain by our master frame builder.

Reynolds 631 is the successor to the legendary 531 tubing but lighter and 10% stronger (a tensile strength between 800-900 MPa). Sharing the same chemical formulation as Reynolds 853 means the cold-worked Reynolds 631 enjoys the advantages of air-hardening after welding. Making tough, durable and comfortable frames for an incredibly smooth ride.

Your bicycle can be customised from a range of options as you see fit ensuring your Roadster S is the perfect bicycle for you.

Prices from £2199

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