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Reynolds 953 Stainless Steel City Bike

The Roadster SL – a city bike made without compromise

How do you improve on a classic? The Roadster SL bicycle is our answer.

We call the Roadster a “New Classic” – an update to a timeless design using modern materials and a contemporary detailing. So the SL keeps the classic style of the English roadster’s lugged frame and its easy riding position but we use the latest innovation in steel – Reynolds 953 stainless-steel.

Super Steel – Reynolds 953

953 is a material that has to be ridden to be believed. It has phenomenal tensile strength (in excess of 2000 MPa) giving it a strength-to-weight ratio that hits grade 5 Ti-6Al-4V titanium for six. This allows the tubes made with extremely thin walls – just 0.3mm at it’s thinnest that’s less than the thickness of a standard business card! – while retaining both their strength and stiffness. And that allows us to make makes a featherweight city bike.

Whatever your chosen build kit, thanks to it’s breathtaking frame, the SL feels effortless to ride while retaining the beautifully smooth and responsive ride of a steel framed bike.

Made in Great Britain

We’re hugely proud to be a British brand which is why, like all of our bicycles, the Roadster SL’s frame is handmade in Coventry, England by our master frame builder. It comes with a set of lightweight, robust and perfectly balanced wheels hand built here in Great Britain. Finally the SL is hand assembled with a selection of the finest components available right here in Great Britain.

The Roadster SL – a city bike made without compromise.

The SL frameset is available as an optional upgrade. Prices from  £3249

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Visit the Roadster page to see the Roadster’s build specification.

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