A British Cycling Icon – The Rebirth of Coloral

Of all the contributions Britain has made to cycling, there are few more accurately described as “iconic” than the Coloral flask. Now a team of cycling & design fans are trying to bring it back to life.

Coloral. There’s a name you’ve probably not heard before.

But that’s something a group of self-confessed “bike & design geeks” are hoping to change as they attempt to bring this iconic British cycling brand, Lazarus like, back from the dead with a new KickStarter campaign.

Coloral Flask

Of the many contributions Britain has made to the world of cycling, there are few that can be more accurately described as “iconic” than the Coloral flask.

Because during the late-1940s until the mid-50s, a period revered & romanticised in equal measure by cycling fans, the Coloral drinking flask was taking cycling by storm. And should you see a photo of the feted Fausto Coppi or Gino Bartali from this time there’s a fair chance it’ll be a Coloral alloy flask and cage you see slung from their handlebars.

Being the first choice of both professional and recreational cyclists alike, was in no small part thanks to the beautifully simple design and function of the original bottle. Their ‘fluted’ alloy body form and cork stopper finished off with the elegant Coloral logo and ‘Coloral Birmingham’ manufacturing stamp on the base.

Coloral 1947 Birmingham England

So while we’re not usually fans of bicycle accoutrements, we feel the team behind the new Coloral flask is very much a kindred spirit.

We love how they’re taking a classic design from Britain’s rich cycling heritage and breathing new life into it with modern materials and contemporary design touches – the new flask will be made from stainless steel to keep your drink fresh and untainted and it will be ever so smaller to fit into your bicycle’s bottle cage.

And like us, they’re collaborating with craftsmen right here in the cradle of the modern world, helping to create another link to Britain’s industrial past.

The KickStarter campaign, which runs until the middle of August, hopes to raise the £75,000 needed to invest in bespoke tooling, fund production and deliver an initial run of 2000 bottles. If you’d like to help them achieve their goal you can contribute here.

Coloral Cycling Water Bottle