Best Tips for Buying Mountain Bikes

Are you in the market for a new mountain bike? Here are some helpful tips to pick the best one for your particular needs: 1. Pick the features you want Like buying a car or truck there are many features available for mountain bikes. They include ones that involve the tires, brakes, suspension, frame, etc. Before you start shopping for a new MTB make sure to think about which features are most important for you. That in turn will help you pick the best bike for your needs. Try to match up your wish list with a model with the features you’re looking for. Then choose wisely! (more…)
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Schmidt SON Edelux

Something that sets English roadsters apart is how beautifully it combines style and practicality. The Schmidt SON Edelux dynamo front lamp continues that tradition. That Lightbulb Moment Something that sets the English roadster apart from other bicycles is just how beautifully it combines style and practicality. Take the front dynamo lamp, for example. Not only does it complete the classic styling of the English roadster but it makes the bike rideable too – day or night. Thankfully, the days of dimly lit tungsten bulbs & whirring tyre-mounted dynamos are long gone and when it came to selecting a front lamp for our Roadster the choice was clear – the Schmidt SON Edelux. A lamp that perfectly embodies our design ethos of “Elegance. Simplicity. Style”. Schmidt SON Edelux Dynamo Lamp This…
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