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A New Classic. A New Luxury

We’ve created our Roadster to be a new classic – a simple & elegant city bicycle, fit for modern man. And similarly, just as we’ve taken a classic design and refined it for 21st century living, we’ve taken the experience of buying a bicycle and refined it for the world of new luxury.

At the heart of this new experience is you.

Because buying one of our bicycles takes you on a journey into personalisation, the end point of which is a beautiful bespoke bicycle that fits you & your needs perfectly.

Bespoked Wheels

We offer bespoke with a twist. While we exclusively build English roadsters, each is uniquely tailored to the individual. This is bespoke within the limits of the bicycle’s aesthetic. So each of our three models retains the roadster’s masculine silhouette and endearing practicality but the detail is down to the discretion of each client.

This journey of personalisation begins with our initial consultation at either our London atelier or, if it’s more convenient for you, at a suitable venue closer to your home. This is where your relationship with your Roadster truly begins. It’s in this meeting where, with our expert guidance, you’ll immerse yourself in the detail of your bicycle. The materials used to construct & finish of the frame, the components used to complete it’s build.

Attention to detail is the key at this point. We’ll take your measurements to ensure that your bicycle fits you as only your bicycle should. And we’ll discuss your experience and expectations to ensure the matches your requirements – right down to the gear ratios used.

Finally, we’ll personally deliver your bicycle, allowing us to adjust it and letting you ride in comfort and easy from day one.

Time & Time Again

The time spent immersed in this process, defining your requirements and crafting them into a bicycle, ensures the experience is one you’ll enjoy time and time again.

In fact, you’ll enjoy it each and every time you swing your leg over the top tube of the bicycle created just for you.

Rear Three Quarters of English Roadster Bicycle

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