A New Classic

We’ve kept the timeless design of the English roadster and brought it into the 21st century with a modern twist of materials and componentry. It’s what makes our Roadster a New Classic.

Brave the New World

“New classics” is a phrase we’re hearing a lot right now. It’s popularity driven by men whose days of high fashion might have passed but who aren’t quite ready to put on the cardigan and slippers just yet. They still want to dress well & look their best as they step out your front door but not have to chase the latest fashions.

The key to achieving this is having a few go-to pieces that ensure you look good whatever else you’re wearing and wherever you’re going. But, to misquote YSL, even if fashions do fade while style remains eternal, sometimes even style needs a little tweaking, a little work to bring it up-to-date.

And this is what we’re seeing happen to the staples of men’s wardrobes – from the faithful Mackintosh down to the humble t-shirt – each tweaked a little: given a modern fit, made from a high quality fabric, all with the same traditional tailoring.

Mackintosh & T-Shirt

These are the New Classics. Style re-imaged for the 21st century.

Timeless Design with a Modern Twist

It’s this ethos that we’ve applied to the English roadster – taking a British style icon and re-imaging it.

Vickers Bicycle Company Roadster - A New Classic

The roadster’s timeless aesthetic and its ease of riding remains but we’ve added a few modern twists. We’ve sharpened frame angles, used the latest steel tubing & best components all topped off with a subtle & contemporary paint finish.

This approach is no better illustrated than in our use of the fabulous Schmidt SON Edelux front dynamo lamp (it’s fitted as standard on our Roadster SL – and available as an option on our other models). The dynamo lamp might not be anything new, it’s adorned bicycles for generations but the SON Edelux has done something different with it – they’ve brought it up-to-date.

Schmidt SON Edelux Bicycle Head Lamp

So it uses the latest LED light technology it’s 3 times brighter than any halogen on the market. A light sensor that automatically switches the lamp on as the light levels fall. A capacitor to keep the lamp burning while you’re waiting at traffic lights. All of which is housed in a beautifully crafted, retro-inspired aluminium case.

Eternal Style

It’s the thoughtful, practical & stylish design touches like this that creates a bike to meet the uncompromising demands of the modern world. And it creates a bike that you’re guaranteed to look good riding whatever you’re wearing, wherever you’re going.

It creates the Vickers Bicycle Company RoadsterA New Classic.