Born out of a passion for the beauty of the bicycle and the traditions of its builders, Vickers Bicycle Company was established in spring of 2012 by Ian Covey.

The original objective was straightforward – to create a simply beautiful bicycle that we ourselves would be proud to own. Our starting point was an icon of the roads – the English roadster bicycle.

We’ve kept the roadster’s classic elegance and style but brought them into the 21st century with a modern twist of materials and componentry. The result is a perfect blend of contemporary build quality and British heritage design that has created a bicycle to which the discerning modern man can aspire.

The result is our Roadster: A New Classic.

We’re a thoroughly modern British brand. So we work closely with local British craftsmen and suppliers wherever possible but understand our place in the global market. This is why our frames are made by one of the UK’s most respected master frame builders and our wheels are handmade by a hugely talented British wheelbuilder. But we source the high-end components fitted to our bicycles from companies around the world.

These collaborations are underpinned by our razor sharp attention-to-detail and an uncompromising commitment to quality, ensuring that our bicycles meet the exacting standards our customers demand.