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Schmidt SON Edelux

Something that sets English roadsters apart is how beautifully it combines style and practicality. The Schmidt SON Edelux dynamo front lamp continues that tradition.

That Lightbulb Moment

Something that sets the English roadster apart from other bicycles is just how beautifully it combines style and practicality. Take the front dynamo lamp, for example. Not only does it complete the classic styling of the English roadster but it makes the bike rideable too – day or night.

Thankfully, the days of dimly lit tungsten bulbs & whirring tyre-mounted dynamos are long gone and when it came to selecting a front lamp for our Roadster the choice was clear – the Schmidt SON Edelux. A lamp that perfectly embodies our design ethos of “Elegance. Simplicity. Style”.

Schmidt SON Edelux Dynamo Lamp

This lamp might be small, just 49mm in diameter & weighing in at 85 grams, but it’s packed with technology. By pairing the latest LED and the clever IQ-Tec reflector, Schmidt claim to have made a lamp that’s 3 times brighter than the best halogen lamp on the market.

Functional Style

The lamp’s brightness comes from two key innovations. A copper heat sink keeps the LEDs performing efficiently by preventing overheating and that IQ-Tec reflector. Made by Busch & Muller, the reflector’s design enables more light from the LEDs to be reflected onto the road. Ensuring an even spread of light across the road as well as a bright spot directly in front of the Roadster.

In addition, the built in “stand light” gives you up to 4 minutes of light after you have stopped – keeping you well lit at junctions and roundabouts.

But possibly most impressive of all, is the lamp’s “Senso” feature. When set in the “S” position, a built-in light sensor switches the lamp on as light levels fall. All while not being influenced by street lamps or the headlights of passing cars. How clever!

The Schmidt SON Edelux – Fitted as standard on out L & SL models and as an option on our S.

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