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Commuting on Foot

City Style

As you step from your front door for the morning commute, you already have with you the essentials pieces that define today’s city gent: the bespoke suit, the handmade leather shoes, and the precision-engineered watch.

Each item carefully selected to fit your own personal style while meeting the demands of 21st century city life.

All that’s missing now is a stylish city bike that does the same.

Cycle Style

But, after witnessing the scene at so many traffic lights across London, you’d be forgiven for thinking that cycling and style are mutually exclusive.

Too often when picturing cycling in the city, we’re presented with one of two stereotypes: It’s the he lycra-clad racer – hunched over his handlebars, sweat trickling down his forehead, waiting for the next stage of his sprint across town to begin. Or it’s the commuter dressed hi-viz, perched atop his sensible bike with the little wheels.

But riding a bicycle in the city doesn’t have to be like this.

There is another way: you can cycle in style.

New Luxury Bicycle

It’s All About the Bike

And if you’re going to cycle in style, the place it all begins is with the bicycle – the very place we started.

We wanted a city bike that we could ride wearing our everyday clothes. It had to be a bike with an upright riding position so we could ride it to the office without our jackets pulling tight across the shoulders and without our shirt tails flapping behind us.

It had to be a bike that kept our trousers clean as we nipped to pick up the Sunday papers. It had to be a bike that was both quick & nimble enough to weave its way through the city traffic. And it had to be a bike that was easy-to-ride so it didn’t reduce us to a sweaty heap less than 5 minutes from home.

Stylish City Bike

A Simply Beautiful Bike

But it also had to be so much more. It had to be like our suits, our shoes and our watches. It had to be bespoke, handmade, precision-engineered and above all else it had to be beautiful.

The bike we came up with is the Roadster – a truly beautiful bike. One that ticks all the boxes to make it the essential city bike for anyone wanting to pedal across town in style.

Vickers Bicycle Company Roadster - A New Classic

The Roadster – A British Style Icon

The Roadster was inspired by an icon of British design, the English roadster. And following in their tyre tracks, each one of our bicycles is still handmade here in Great Britain by a master craftsman.

The Roadster’s a perfect blend of classic elegance and modern engineering. Sumptuous leather grips & saddle combined with the latest steel tubing. A timeless design given new life thanks to an automatic gear system. And a dignified upright riding position on an satisfyingly quick bike.

Handmade in Great Britain

Designed and built here in Great Britain, the Roadster is made to the highest standard thanks to our razor sharp attention-to-detail.

At the heart of the Roadster is its lightweight steel frame. Each is handmade from Reynolds tubing in Coventry, England by a master frame builder using the traditional lugged technique. This gives the Roadster its timeless style and a bicycle that’s both stiff & strong with steel’s trademarked smooth ride.

Our “Ready to Ride” Roadster is finished with leather goods from Brooks England, hand built wheels, exquisite Nitto bars, stem & seat post and bullet proof Continental tyres.