A Love of Tradition

Through our English Roadster bicycles, we proudly continue the traditions of the bicycle builder. Traditions that started 150 years ago, close to where our frames are made today, and which help create something extra special for their owner.

The traditions of the bicycle builder are incredibly important to us here at Vickers Bicycle Co. They speak of skill, craftsmanship and quality and form a link to over 150 years of cycling history. Along with them, importantly, comes a human connection between machine and rider.

That’s why all of our hand made bicycles are manufactured in Great Britain – in Coventry, in fact, the spiritual home of the bicycle – using traditional techniques. While, during those 150 years, the tools and materials have changed – making bicycles stronger, lighter, more durable – the process hasn’t. Lugs are still polished (twice), tubes must still be precisely cut & mitred and joints delicately heated and brazed. All by the skilled hand of the master frame builder.

Workbench & Bicycle Forks

It’s a process that doesn’t start with the pressing of a button in a factory’s control room. It’s a process that starts with a conversation, a tape measure, and a pencil. It starts with a customer and a builder. At each step there is thought, scrutiny, adjustment & a commitment to perfection. From this comes a bicycle that is immeasurable more special than any “bike in a box” could ever be.

A Special Bond

We develop an emotional attachment to our bicycles like we do with few other possessions. No one wistfully reminisces about their first toaster. And, although they rarely leave our sight, few of us truly care about our mobile phones. It‘s different with our bicycles.

One could argue that, in this respect, the bicycle is different even to other handmade luxury items. As much as we might love our John Lobb’s and as much as they become a part of us, they remain a pair of shoes. We appreciate their beauty. We appreciate the craftsmanship that has gone into them. But that is the extent of it.

And a handmade bicycle takes this attachment to another level. It’s the combination of being personally involved in the process from its very beginning and the knowledge that the work is carried out by an experienced, skilled, and most importantly human pair of hands. It creates a link between you and the builder, between you and 150 years of tradition.

Connected by a beautiful bicycle that is, forever, made just for you.

Traditional Bicycle Workshop