Vickers Bicycle Company Spring/Summer 2013

It’s been many months in the making and patience has very definitely been a virtue. But now the launch of Vickers Bicycle Company, like the Spring, is fast approaching, you’ll find that good things definitely come to those who wait.

It might still be winter, just, but with the sun shining some warmth down upon us once again, our thoughts inevitably turn to two things: the summer and looking good.

The same is true of us here at Vickers Bicycle Co. – and we’re busy adding the finishing touches to our beautiful roadster bicycles that are guaranteed to make you look good out on the streets this summer. A guarantee that isn’t set in cast iron but is drawn in steel-tubing and wrapped in finest leather. It’s a guarantee that’s thanks to the driving forces behind the design of our bicycles – elegance; simplicity; style.

Elegance. Simplicity. Style.

These three principles underpin every design decision & component selection we make at Vickers Bicycle Co. So, we’ve taken the elegant upright riding position of the English Roadster and refined it with modern materials & design sensibility. Simplicity shapes the  functionality and maintenance of our bicycles. Our bicycles are as easy to ride as they are to look after. And style informs our part selection – if it doesn’t look right, if the quality isn’t high enough, if it doesn’t add more than its own value, we don’t use it.

These principles guide the whole but are there in the smallest of details too. You’ll even see (or, if we’ve done it right, you wont) it in the cabling – if a cable isn’t needed, it isn’t used. If it is needed, it’s hidden away, thereby maintaining the clean lines and timeless aesthetic of the diamond frame. No corners have been cut, no expense has been spared in crafting some of the finest bicycles that money can buy.

Made By Hand. Built to Order.

Each of our bicycles is made by hand, to order by one of the Country’s most experienced bicycle builders. This allows you great flexibility in the finish of your chosen bicycle. From your first contact with us upon ordering a bicycle, we’ll discuss – preferably face-to-face – your exact requirements with you. So from the tubes used to build the frame to “cockpit” options and those all important finishing touches – we can tailor a bicycle to meet these requirements.

And, of course, if you simply want the ready-to-ride luxury bicycle that we have painstakingly specified then you can have that too.

Vickers Bicycle Co Head Badge Design

Head Badge Design Development