The Reading List. Part 1 – TUSK Journal

Helping you navigate your way through the web, here we begin a new feature showcasing some of the best online content for the modern man to enjoy. This time it’s TUSK Journal.

There’s certainly no shortage of great online men’s lifestyle magazines right now. Thanks to free-to-use self-publishing software combined with savvy use of social networking, the internet has helped many a humble fashion blogger turn themselves into all powerful publishing powerhouses. And this is a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

But with this proliferation of content, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise and get to the “good stuff”. So we thought we’d start a new feature on the Journal and share with you a few of our current favourite online reads. Sites that are both informative and entertaining and, most importantly, have their finger on the pulse of fashion, music, art & culture.

First up, TUSK journal.


TUSK is a new online journal for the contemporary man based in the North West of England.

Providing that oft need reminder that the civilised world doesn’t end at the North Circular, TUSK features a great range of articles and interviews covering the best in independent music, fashion, lifestyle & culture.

If you head over there now you’ll be able to read Tom Pringles top picks for travelling in style this summer, sniff the cork of some of the finest wines an aspiring gentleman can enjoy, and discover the latest greatest sons of the North West’s music scene.

Its fantastic minimalist design really appeals to our functional ideals but what we really love about TUSK though is that it’s all written by a team of young aspiring writers. So there’s no hard-nosed cynicism just wide eyed enthusiasm that really jumps off the page.

Check out TUSK here.

Tusk online journal for the contemporary man